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Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Apps Every Michiana Realtor Should Have

There are hundreds of apps out there that Realtors could use.  Which ones are worth the effort of loading and learning though, and which ones are just a waste of your time?

Let me help you with that.  I've researched dozens of Realtor friendly apps and found three that I believe every Michiana real estate agent should have. 

Open Home Pro

Some Realtors love open houses but many do not.  Why?  Because they don't see much benefit for the time invested.  What if you could dramatically increase the quantity and quality of contact information you captured from open house visitors, though?

That's where Open Home Pro comes in.  It's friendly interface makes buyers more willing to provide information and it's survey option allows you to gather more client information than you typically would.  At just $14.99, Open House Pro is a must have app for any Realtors conducting open houses for their clients. 


I love DocScanner and personally couldn't conduct business as smoothly without it.  DocScanner is an easy-to-use app that lets you take pictures of a document with your phone and convert it into a PDF or JPEG file.  What I love best about DocScanner is both how clear the document come out and how easy it is to email them on once 'scanned'.  Trust me, if you invest the $4.99 to get it, you'll use it and love it. 

Mortgage App

I'm going to let you in on a secret.  If you every call me and ask me how much a payment is going to be for a client, I'm not going to log into some fancy-schmancy system to find out.  I'm going to pull out my phone, open this little mortgage app, and get you a fast and easy answer.

I love answering that question so feel free to continue calling me with it, but if you are the type who would like to calculate that answer on your own, you can download this app free of charge by opening this post from your cell phone and clicking here - Mortgage Payment App.  That will let you get a quick payment estimate for your client.  If you then want to double check it with me, just click the "Contact Me" link on any page in the app to call, email or text me with the house information.  I'll get the answer back to you right away.

Apps are great, but only if they provide some benefit.  The three apps listed above are sure to do just that and help you as you grow your business in 2014.

Lori Hiscock is a Sr. Loan Officer at Ruoff Home Mortgage‘s South Bend office.  One of Michiana’s top mortgage loan officers, Lori started her lending career in 1995 after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Finance from Western Michigan University.  You can connect with Lori Hiscock or apply online here.